Maissa Mallat

Maissa graduated from the University of Arts and Humanities in Sousse with a degree in English studies. She is a dynamic and ambitious person who believes in youth’s ability to make a major impact in society and their ability to change reality. Investing in education and focusing on its efficiency plays a big role in creating young leaders that will bring positive change to the community. Since her first year in college she has constantly looked for every chance to learn and to seize every opportunity she could find to make the best out of her experiences. This year, she is delighted for having been selected for the Lazord Fellowship through UTIL and placed at the organization Sawty Sousse. She is especially thrilled to start a new journey in the nonprofit world and explore her abilities in the professional world.

Farah Kanzari

Farah is 25 years old, and she specializes in fundamental English. She started her career in civil society 6 years ago. In 2016 she was selected to be a delegate of the North Africa International Model United Nations (NAIMUN) that took place at the American University in Tunisia. Two months later, she was selected to be the president of New Partnership for Africa’s Development in the African Union Model (AUM) that took place at the South Mediterranean School of Business (MSB) in Tunisia. She has held different positions in her career: she was a reporter with the International Institute of Debate, through which she received a TOT training and participated in the café-talk competition as a moderator, before becoming a project coordinator at NAMAA Association for Development and Democracy.

She has had the opportunity to work with different organizations in Tunisia where she  has worked with different stakeholders and actors, thus, being able to gain different skills in the fields of communications and community development.

She is ambitious, hard-working, able to work under pressure, and is innovative and creative. Farah believes that she has learned a lot through the ups and downs that she has experienced in her life.