About the fellowship

The Lazord Fellowship is a program that provides recent graduates with professional and civic skills through year-long job placements, mentoring, and trainings by local partners.

Program components


The fellow is placed for one year in a locally-based organization working on projects pertaining to the improvement of the common good.

Continuing Education

In Lazord, we believe the learning experience is a journey which should not only include knowledge and skills but a comprehensive understanding of central thematics critical to the success of a professional in the change-making industry.


The mentoring component of the fellowship sits at the cross road between coaching and professional counseling. Fellows meet monthly with their mentor, selected for both their expertise and capacity for digging out the potential in young passionate professionals.

Competency learning outcomes

The journey is built to accompany the fellow in her/his placement, following the experiences s/he is confronted to. To this aim the fellowship focuses on the below four competencies:

Civic leadership

Civic leadership

Civic leadership

Lazord defines civic leadership as the capacity of comprehending the context of an issue, diagnose it using analytical and human skills to address it in a sustainable and creative way.

A civic leader is able to express his/her opinion is a respectful and engaging way aiming to bridge rather than divide.

Professional development & Program management

Professional development & Program management

Professional development & Program management

This competency outcome focuses on developing the fellows capacity to operate effectively in any professional environment and be an added value to his/her organization by bringing in program management skills around an articulated theory of change.

Finance & administrative

Finance & administrative

Finance & administrative

This competency focuses on the legal, financial and administrative competencies necessary to run a program and/or organization in the fellows’ countries and international best practices.

Living & working by ethics

Living & working by ethics

Living & working by ethics

Our daily lives are made of a countless decisions, from what we will eat or wear to how we will respond to a colleague or which methodology we will use.

Therefore, we believe must have a compass to guide these decisions around ethics. This competency gives the fellows tools using relatable situations to support them as they build their ethical decision making compass.


Rich of their experience with the Lazord foundation, our fellows are the best ambassadors to speak about us.

  • Jihad Alfar

    "A step towards the future and a turning point in my life."

    Jihad Alfar - Jordan

  • Esraa Attia

    “Lazord transfers my passion from being just a passion to a professional career...”

    Esraa Attia - Egypt

  • Ahmed Shehata

    “Lazord connected me to a new pathway in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and taught me what it takes to be a social entrepreneur.”

    Ahmed Shehata - Egypt

  • Dina Qutishat

    “The Lazord Fellowship is like a telescope that will make everything appear.”

    Dina Qutishat - Jordan


The Lazord Foundation embodies a participatory approach when replicating the program to ensure it aligns with the local needs and context.