Nehal Attiya

The whole story about Nehal’s fondness for the development sector started with using handicrafts, colors and music in different artistic ways, leading to her passion towards informal education. Working with kids from different backgrounds and situations in Egypt and Italy showed her the importance of mental health for kids.

With the experience Nehal has in facilitating, researching, curriculum designing, and proposal writing, she started to wonder about more knowledge to enable her to connect artistic products of kids to their personalities, in order to understand more their psychological and emotional needs. This will help her develop a customized curriculum, and one day, achieve her life goal of creating an Art Therapy School.

She would like to deepen her knowledge in project management and explore more fields. Now she works in the social entrepreneurship field, a field she finds very interesting, rich, and inspiring. She believes that this will help her explore and deepen her overall knowledge and experiences.