Islem Allagui

Islem Allagui is currently enrolled as a second year research master’s student at the Higher Institute of Languages in Tunis and she specializes in Cross Cultural Studies and Poetics. Over the years, she has demonstrated valued leadership skills by means of participating in her college community activities. Her aspiration to create a positive change led her to volunteer on the management team of TedxSidiBouSaid to bring life into the event entitled ‘Brighten Your Future’. As a debater, she participated in multiple trainings such as I Debate w Rasi 3ali and Sawty Debate Competition. She aspires as a leader to use her skills to make constructive change in her community and to inspire others to do the same.

Nada Bedchiche

Nada Bedchiche is a public law graduate passionate about human rights, gender, and youth participation in public life.

She has volunteering experience with multiple NGOs such as Inno-Peace, Hult-Prize and IIDebate. She has worked on different topics and has been in different positions ranging from editing to coordination. She is also a civic education trainer who has worked with teenagers in middle schools. In addition, she has worked as a project assistant in the field of local governance. She is currently a public law researcher and a part-time lecturer in public international law, which allows her to have good knowledge of research methods.

“Being part of [the] Lazord Fellowship would be a conducive environment to brainstorm, have constructive debates and to work with people who have already worked on the same cause. It’s an opportunity to be part of a team with a vision of the future and whose ideas and projects are sustainable.”