Hadeel Alqatamin

Hadeel supports the WANA Institute as the Arabic media assistant and sustainable development research assistant. Hadeel is interested in increasing the amount of online scientific content in Arabic. She has written and proofread articles for various Arabic websites, such as Mawdoo3, where she worked for over a year. She holds a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Jordan, where she also worked as a teaching assistant. Hadeel seeks to expand her knowledge in terms of civil and sustainable development, in which she believes that scientific research based on evidence is a key solution.

Maha Abu Oudeh

Maha is a young leader, an activist in society, and a highly motivated and ambitious individual. She has a passion for changing society and for being a part of the cause for this change. She believes that investing in young people is invaluable and that it is the secret for the prosperity of nations. She had the opportunity to develop her passion through the Lazord Fellowship, which has an effective role in supporting young people. Her work at Al Hussein Fund as project coordinator provided her with a wide experience in different fields such as education, entrepreneurship, development and sustainability.

Maha has also had the opportunity to be part of the Financial Inclusion National Strategy in Jordan, where she was able to represent Jordan in many countries. Through the Lazord Fellowship, Maha conducted the Final Research Project with team members Yusur, Hana, and Ashraf, on, “Gender Equity in Education in Yemen.” Their project won the national competition in Jordan and the regional competition between Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia.

“Lazord is a gemstone, and this fellowship brought out the gems buried in our depths that we did not know existed.”