Reham Al-Aghbari

Reham is a motivated public health professional who dedicates her work on deriving an impact on marginalized communities. She is thankful for having had the opportunity to work in three different countries in the Middle East (Egypt, Jordan, and Yemen). These experiences enabled her to adapt working with different communities and to acknowledge the differences in the context of each country.

The Lazord Fellowship played an important role on who she has become as a professional and a leader. The Lazord network is extraordinary were everyone supports each other no matter to which Lazord Chapter you belong.

Every step in life is a learning journey; Reham is still learning and thriving.

Yamina Touihri

Yamina graduated in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in multimedia and web development. She started her professional career as a designer, then was a community manager for one year with a communication agency and startups. Over the past two years, she has had the chance to be part of the Tunisian ecosystem where she developed skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, and branding. This experience had a positive effect both on her personal and professional life. At certain points, she had a strong feeling that she was not reaching her full potential, and decided that she had to get out of her comfort zone. She decided to follow the things that she is passionate about and to improve the skills she already has; thus, she started writing and blogging again. Yamina is currently a formal writer with CreativeNess and is preparing to launch her new blog soon.

Shahd Almahameed

Originally from Jordan, Shahd is a dedicated learner who ranked fourth on Jordan’s high school exam before studying Applied English at the University of Jordan. During her time there, she went on an Erasmus+ exchange program at the University of Cyprus, where she was involved in theater and fiction writing. She additionally participated in a teacher’s literacy enhancement workshop at UCY Nicosia. Since then, Shahd has served as a Team Member at AIESEC before being promoted to Team Leader in the Outgoing Global Volunteer Programme. Shahd is also a Youth Ambassador of the Netherlands Education Group. She attended Introduction to Dialogue Facilitation by Sharing Perspectives Foundation. In her free time, Shahd writes short stories and poems, as well as about her personal experiences and travels on her blog. You might also find her watching videos of cats and pugs on YouTube.

Adeeba Badran

Adeeba recently graduated with a degree in counseling psychology. As someone who enjoys working with people and creating safe spaces, she is deeply passionate about this field. She is a volunteer caseworker at Questscope and works with a program that focuses on child protection in Jordan. She is also a facilitator and trainer in the field of human development, having facilitated workshops on several topics including community youth empowerment, the art of dialog, and communication skills. As a Lazord Fellow, she was placed at Generations for Peace, where she is coordinating special projects related to gender mainstreaming and the role of sports in peace-building. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, experimenting with recipes, and writing in her journal.

Yosra T. Karoui

Yosra is a young and motivated Tunisian who studied English literature, civilization, and linguistics, and then went on to pursue her master’s degree in translation. She is passionate about learning new languages, acquiring new skills, and being more engaged in civil society.

She started to discover civil society in Tunisia when she joined Junior Chamber International (JCI). Since then, she has been involved in several initiatives on peace building, humanitarian ties, and youth.

As a Lazord Fellow, she was placed at Search for Common Ground Tunisia where she worked simultaneously on two projects under the big theme of peace building. The fellowship year allowed her to acquire more skills and be more engaged and ambitious.

Yosra has fully benefited from the Lazord Fellowship experience, which is a step forward in civil society in her country – a step that keeps broadening the sphere of her ambitions.

Ashraf Farag

Ashraf is an ambitious Yemeni dentist who believes in education and social justice. As a teenager, Amideast Access Program was his doorway to volunteerism. His love and aptitude for education stemmed in part from his family’s struggle with education. Pursuing his dream, he passionately participated in the Lazord Fellowship to make a positive impact on his society.