Christine Shemplian

Christine is a Biology and Biotechnology graduate from the American University of Madaba.

She has enjoyed volunteering and supporting the community ever since she was a small child. Working with kids and youth has been a pleasure to her, where she has demonstrated a strong commitment to community service by volunteering as a leader in Homenetmen Armenian Scout. In addition, she has been supporting and working with vulnerable groups abroad through Erasmus+ projects.

Through the Lazord Fellowship, she is currently working as a Communications Assistant at Finn Church Aid (FCA). She considers Lazord as a unique opportunity to break into the humanitarian and development sectors by working closely with like-minded individuals and organizations. “This fellowship represents an invaluable opportunity for me to further develop my expertise, collaborate with experts in the field, and amplify my impact. I am committed to working tirelessly to promote youth empowerment and create lasting change. Together, we can empower young people and shape a brighter future for all”.

Nada AlQudah

Nada AlQudah

Nada is a children’s advocate and protection enthusiast with a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature.

Since she was 18 years old, Nada has joined several organizations and networks such as the British Council, Arabic HeforShe, and Loyac Jordan, focusing on child protection, education, and youth development. She is fortunate to have been able to engage in such opportunities where she has built a passion for child protection and education.

During the Lazord Fellowship, Nada worked with Global Nomads Group in global enrichment programs for young learners in the Middle East and the United States to promote empathy and peace, and build 21st-century workforce skills. Additionally, for the Lazord Fellowship Final Research Project, she conducted research on the, “Impact of social media platforms on self-esteem and body image,” and presented her project during the Lazord International Conference.

After the fellowship, Nada began working for refugees and vulnerable communities, with a focus on protection, inclusion, and gender, at a local organization in Jordan. She has led an advocacy campaign for children who have experienced the worst forms of child labor in partnership with Walk Free organization.

Obada Snobar

Obada Snobar

Obada is a human rights activist who has four years of experience in the human development field as a MEAL Officer, an entrepreneur, and a career advisor, while proudly being a Lazord Alumnus.

Dana Mufleh

Dana is a dynamic advocate in the NGO sector, with over 9 years of experience focusing on entrepreneurship, mentorship, and social change. Her diverse roles include training, coaching, and designing activities to foster individual potential. Through her extensive network, Dana facilitates connections and bridges talent gaps, earning her the moniker “empower-prenure” for her blend of entrepreneurship and empowerment. Recently appointed as the Money Mindset and Wealth Creation Chairwoman for Jordan in the G100 Global, Dana’s expertise is sought after by various magazines. In her new role, she aims to expand her knowledge and experience to empower youth, not only in Jordan but also in underserved communities worldwide.