Al Muthana Mufleh

Al Muthana Mufleh

Multiple circumstances, life changes, lessons, loss, lies, and too many other things to count have shaped AlMuthana (Dr. Alex) into the person he is today.

The person who he is today is a result of living in three different countries, dealing with people and cultures all around the world, having the insight of a doctor who tells him how the human body works and how to deal with the human being at his weakest, combining being a human and curing one. One sphere of knowledge won’t grant you success and that one sphere is not enough to proceed in life and have an impact upon others’ lives.

Becoming a Lazord Fellow put Dr. Alex in a test that sculpted his skills and gave him insight into what he is capable of learning and doing, implementing his skills, and coming up with a more aware person of what is the meaning of an opportunity, and giving it to himself.

He became a Lazord Fellow to be a part of a community that holds two important words as an aim. “Responsible leader” sees that the first word is scary to state but yet the second one is tempting to hold. Dr. Alex believes that the way to achieve your dreams and ambitions is taking responsibility for your own actions and leading yourself to greatness by learning and spreading the knowledge a person can gain.


Dr. Alex is a very sophisticated person that has always pushed himself beyond the traditional paths of life and stereotypical life He didn’t limit his life choices within his major but he also went beyond to discover, develop skills and experiences in other aspects that made him involved and evolve in the social and management of life aspects in three different countries. When he started his journey in Medicine he had the honour to claim the position of the Batch leader and advancing all the way to become the first-ever foreign president of the faculty of his university where he worked thoroughly with students and their well-being, academic development. Dr. Alex also became a TV host to spread awareness on matters that help maintain the original concept of humanity and working hard.

“Once you stop learning, you stop living” – Dr. Al Muthana Mufleh

Taheni Ben Mansour

Taheni is a dynamic professional with a background in financial engineering and a passion for exploring diverse fields. She embarked on a journey of discovery, seeking out diverse experiences to broaden her skill set. Her career trajectory took a transformative turn in 2018 when she joined the Lazord Fellowship Program, where she discovered a passion for social impact and community development. This led to roles such as Financial Assistant at ATL MST SIDA and Project Assistant at AHK Tunisia. Since 2023, Taheni has contributed to international projects at Expertise France. With a knack for adapting to new challenges and a commitment to personal and professional growth, Taheni is poised for success in her endeavors.

Ahmed Elsawy

Ahmed Elsawy was one of the top students in the military academy when he decided to be close to people, to be creative, and find a safe space to enhance his skills, and his passion. Through his long volunteering experience which he is grateful for, he was involved in a great deal of independent research requiring initiative, self–motivation, and a wide range of skills. He volunteered for one of the most reputable organizations “Community Development “as a Case Worker who determined the funding process of families.

Moreover, he had a spectacular experience as a PR specialist. He wrote analytical reports to the President and General Secretary in his work. With the same passion to serve his community, he also, worked as a Case Manager with refugees and later as a Facilitator for children and refugees in “Terre des Hommes “. He gave sessions about avoiding violence in schools after having the needed training.

He joined the UNAIDS program as a Social Mobilization and Youth Coordinator for one year during his Lazord fellowship which enhanced his skills in communication, PR, M&E, organization, collaboration, writing analytical reports, strategic planning, management, assessment, technical support for a governmental organization or NGO’s. Furthermore, he worked as a Project Coordinator at Educate Me Foundation which improves the governmental schools. In addition, he was the Branch Manager at Masr Al Mahrousa Balady Association, the Administration Section Head and later the Business Development Officer at SYE Foundation.

Currently, he has been working as a COO at Roaya Group Company.

Ebaa Elkalamawi

In addition to her 5-year work experience in global health and development in low- and middle-income countries, Ebaa Elkalamawi holds a master’s degree from the University of Notre Dame as the recipient of the Riberas Orjales Family Fellowship. She also holds an MSc in global health policy from Maastricht University in the Netherlands and an MBBCh in medicine from Mansoura University. She was the recipient of Lazord fellowship at the American University in Cairo and the chair of its alumni committee.

Ebaa served as a senior health program specialist for a private-sector consulting firm that provides development solutions for communities in the MENA region. She also held senior positions in various organizations, including Save the Children – Senior Health Officer and UNFPA – Senior Research Consultant. She has several publications on international platforms. Ebaa also worked with the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) as a global health consultant, where she researched Hepatitis C Elimination in Southeast Asia.

Elkalamawi works for Catholic Relief Services (CRS) as an international development professional and acting business development specialist. She is in charge of positioning the Zambia country program for opportunities with various donors. Her driving passion is narrowing the gap between shrinking funding opportunities and the provision of sustainable, equitable health services.