Manar Dahsa

Manar earned a unified degree in Public Law from the Faculty of Legal, Political, and Social Sciences in Tunis in 2023.

She is a Lazord fellow for 2023-2024, demonstrating her commitment to her field. Manar’s professional journey began with a notable internship in July-August 2022 and with earlier contributions to the Public Expenditure Control Office of the Presidency of the Tunisian Government in July-August 2019.

She actively engages in associative work, such as serving as a communication and employment trainer at the We Youth / Ready for Tomorrow Academy and organizing events for the MADA Association for Development and Citizenship. Her commitment to human rights, social justice, and community engagement remains unwavering. Manar’s competencies include communication, advanced computer skills, autonomy, initiative-taking, and leadership. Her areas of interest include reading, theatre, and travel. She continues to strive for a more equitable and just society through her impactful work.

Ahmed Ali

Ahmed from Qena – Upper Egypt. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Power Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering specializing in Industrial Wastewater from South Valley University.

He has good exposure to diverse development topics including environment, youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, innovation and economic empowerment. He worked as a Project Coordinator at Dandara Al-Ebdaa Creative-Qena Operator (ITIDA-TIEC), as Head of Public Relations and Fundraising Committee for IEEE SVU SB, as an Innovation Ambassador for TIEC, Also, as a Youth Program Assistant Intern at UNFPA Egypt country office in Cairo.

Over the past seven years, driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact, he has experienced working and volunteering with different organizations with governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as international and local organizations on programs that worked on various issues and topics such as entrepreneurship, economic empowerment, and youth development.

In addition, he founded three initiatives for his community, the first one was for rising the environmental awareness for kids. The second one was for helping children to get a high-quality education, besides the governmental education to teaching them English in interactive ways and developing their soft skills. The third one was for qualifying high school students for university life and developing their skills.

Hager Ebeid

Hager Ebeid is an accomplished environmental engineer and sustainability enthusiast with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Sciences and a professional diploma in Solar Energy from The American University in Cairo. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering, specialising in Smart Management of Climate Change.

Hager has made a significant impact throughout her career. As a consultant at Chemonics Egypt, she provided expert advice on environmental projects and developed innovative solutions. She also played a crucial role as a coordinator in the safe spaces’ initiative of the UNFPA, empowering vulnerable populations, particularly women and youth.

Beyond her professional engagements, Hager actively contributes as a trainer in green technology programs, inspiring others to embrace sustainable practices. She has represented the United Nations Population Fund at international forums and attended COP 27 as an observer, a prestigious global event focused on addressing climate change. Hager’s dedication to environmental engineering and sustainable development is truly remarkable. Through her work, she strives to create a greener and more sustainable future, serving as an inspiration to her peers and beyond.

Yasminn Rekik

Yasminn Rekik

Yassmin is passionate about personal growth, animals rights, global issues and volunteering. She worked at an international company that worked with a US sales department in addition to interning at the post office. She is currently volunteering at Sfax El Meziena as an external relations developer. She has had diverse volunteering experiences with organizations such as AIESEC, the Wonder, the Red Cross, and PNUD. She is a native speaker of Arabic, has an advanced level in French, and is fluent in English. Yasmin is always looking for new opportunities to challenge herself, learn new things, fulfill her potential, enhance her skills and network.

Mohamed Youssef

Mohamed is a dedicated Multipotentialite Engineer from Qena in Upper Egypt, driven by his passion for the environment, renewable energy, and green business. With a bachelor’s degree in mechanical Power and Energy Engineering from South Valley University, Mohamed possesses a strong educational foundation. He has actively pursued various programs and projects to enhance his personal and professional skills.

Currently, Mohamed serves as an Environmental Specialist at The Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE), where he contributes to different projects focused on Environmental sustainability, waste management, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. Mohamed’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through his achievements.

As the Founder and Director of Electrobekia, the first start-up company for E-waste Recycling in Upper Egypt, he secured funding through AUC Venture Lab & TIEC. By formulating strategic partnerships with universities, factories, organizations, and companies, Mohamed raised awareness about E-waste challenges and other environmental issues. Mohamed’s unwavering commitment to the environment, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to capacity building and sustainable development, positions him as a valuable Lazord Alumni, working tirelessly towards a greener and more inclusive world.

Khuzama Wardeh

Khuzama Wardeh

Khuzama graduated in 2018 as Environmental Engineering from Al Baath University, Syria. Shortly thereafter, she immersed herself in the field of sustainability, renewable energy, and energy transition, recognising the synergy between engineering, sustainability, economics, and politics through her work and research. She is now pursuing a master’s in engineering for International Development at University College London, a step that advances her academic and professional aspirations in the international context.

Mariam Dahab

Mariam Dahab

Mariam’s story started when her grandfather moved from Nubia to Alexandria more than 6O years ago to search for a better life. Mariam was born and raised in Alexandria. As a Nubian girl, it seemed like she had good luck, better opportunities in education, and roads to explore arts and culture in life. However, she believes that history has a tendency to repeat itself. As memory fades, events from the past can become events of the present. Exploring origins, roots, and history is what has moved her forward in most of her life and educational experiences. After choosing to study fine arts, she specialized in sculpture. Through this, she explored her connection with clay, connecting back to her Nubian roots, as clay used for sculpture in Egypt comes from Aswan.

She decided that her mission and purpose in life was to take advantage of various opportunities and experiences, to go back to Nubia to share what she has learned, and to start a learning community. She believes that if people feel that you trust their knowledge, culture, and work for their needs, rather than for your own plans, they will in turn trust and support you. Mariam is planning to gain more knowledge and skills that will help her achieve her purpose. She wishes to create a space for informal education, peace building, and a learning community where knowledge is shared between women, families and generations, in order to preserve language, culture and history; she hopes to help her community create their own way for sustainable development through their own efforts.

Mariam perceives this fellowship as an opportunity to interact through a network of colleagues, alumni, and mentors from diverse professional backgrounds and cultures coming from all over Egypt. She perceives networking as a very important step to integrate different experiences.

Reem Gabr

Reem Gabr

Reem is an environmental advocate with more than three years of expertise in environmental sustainability and social entrepreneurship, with a focus on green social enterprises. In addition, she is a co-founder of Recyclizer, a start-up that recycles plastic waste into a product that protects agricultural crops from harm. Reem obtained a bachelor’s degree in English from the Faculty of Arts. Along the way, Reem made the decision to focus on Environmental Communications, which is the study and application of how individuals, cultures, and organisations relate to and influence the environment. This communication entails a range of encounters, from verbal exchanges with others to media coverage of environmental issues.

Houssem Jebali

Houssem Jebali

Houssem is a 25-year-old Tunisian with a master’s degree who has been active in Tunisian civil society since 2015. Houssem is an enthusiastic activist who has participated in several workshops and trainings in Tunisia and abroad to broaden his knowledge on, and to promote youth-related issues. After finishing his one-year fellowship program with the Lazord Foundation, he was recruited by a company based in Qatar. Today, Houssem lives in Qatar and started his professional life as a translator, the career of which he has always dreamt. He is still committed to promoting youth-related issues, especially after gaining useful skills and tools during the Lazord Fellowship that will help him to continue to achieve his goals.