Abdalrahman Naser

Abdalrahman graduated from the University of Jordan with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering.

He worked as a trainer for years and trained hundreds of people in various topics, including entrepreneurship and career guidance. He worked and volunteered with many institutions and organizations in several jobs, and he created community initiatives and projects in cooperation with his colleagues and institutions. These initiatives and projects aimed to provide benefit to society, including an initiative to train students recently graduated from the university to prepare them for work. There is also a health project through which free and environmentally friendly sports facilities were created.

He also obtained several accreditations, including the accreditation of an occupational safety and health supervisor, ISO 22000 accreditation, tot train the trainers and others.

Ekram Masatfah

Ekram Ahmad, Occupational Therapist but a volunteer before everything! She is interested in health, education, youth, and human rights. She started volunteering and civic engagement since she was in school, starting with being an alumna of Access English Micro scholarship Program by the U.S. Embassy with more than 400 hours of learning English and community service.

She continued her journey in taking various trainings that shaped her personality and improved her skills. Since, giving back to her local community was always what she thought makes a real impact, she volunteered as a facilitator, mentor and program coordinator in local organisations and youth initiatives in Zarqa, in different projects such as Juveniles Justice and Children Summer Camp.

After graduation from Hashemite University with an excellence degree in Occupational Therapy, she decided to dive into a new adventure, so she applied for the Lazord Fellowship to gain work experience in NGOs and decide her future career path. Working in development sector is where she feels belonging, because she likes working with the community and with vulnerable groups. Acceptance, openness, and respect are her core life values. She considers herself to be a smooth communicator, organised coordinator, and detail-oriented person. Her future vision is to leave an impact in her small world by trying to be better and do better every single day.

Tamara Jumean

Tamara is a young driven individual who joined the Lazord Fellowship to pursue her goals and kick-off her journey in civil society engagement. She graduated first in her class from the University of Jordan with a degree in Applied English.

She has previous professional experience working as a translator, and a record of volunteering experience in her local community with children and young adults. She has strong communication and organizational skills, alongside the ability to multitask and grasp new concepts quickly. She is looking forward to contributing with her skills and dedication and further growing them in her new placement as a Program Development Assistant at War Child Holland.

She has a strong passion for civil society and making an impact, as she has always been aware of society’s struggles and the need for solidarity to provide a better life for everyone, especially children. She has always believed in following her dreams, and being part of positive social change is her ultimate dream.

Kareem Nabil

Kareem holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Education from Helwan University, where his academic journey laid the foundation for his commitment to community development.

His life’s driving force is rooted in a profound passion to effect positive change in his community and enhance the lives of those around him. Kareem firmly believes that the impact one leaves on others’ lives is the most valuable aspect of life itself. This belief was solidified within him because he participated in an activity with the Egyptian Scouts, where he served as a scout leader for a team of children. He developed their life and scouting skills through scout activities, games, and active learning strategies. Kareem pondered why he couldn’t transfer this experience to children in the community beyond scouting. He decided to initiate a community project to develop and enhance children’s social and life skills. During his research to write his initiative, Kareem discovered a field called development, in which he found a significant sector working on children and education.

So, embarking on his path in the field of development during his university studies, Kareem dedicated his time to volunteering with various esteemed organizations, both locally and internationally. Among these organizations are Y-Peer, Care Egypt, CRS, JICA, and Educatme. In each volunteering endeavour, Kareem aimed to craft a unique experience, ensuring a diverse set of skills and knowledge. His volunteering efforts spanned across projects addressing critical issues such as gender equality, education, refugee and migrant support, livelihoods, and healthcare. These diverse experiences served as a profound learning ground, providing Kareem with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the development field.

Presently, Kareem finds himself immersed in a new and transformative phase of life, one that he considers a journey of continuous learning and exploration. Committed to making a lasting impact, Kareem looks forward to leveraging his skills and experiences for the betterment of communities and societies at large. Through his work, he aspires to contribute to creating positive, sustainable change that echoes for generations to come.

Hesham Farouk

Hesham Sayed is passionate about education. He wants to make a positive difference and impact in the development field.

He graduated from the faculty of education in the chemistry department and then he continued his postgraduate studies in psychology.

Later, he recognized his passion in the development sector, especially in education, so he started his journey with CARE Egypt as a facilitator volunteer in BPRM project. This period helped him to learn how to communicate with many different nationalities and learn more about different cultures.

After this, he joined CRS Egypt as a verification volunteer in the educational program. During this time, he gained knowledge of the refugees’ educational system in Egypt. He continued with the Save the Children as a youth and adolescent facilitator where he acquired a lot of understanding about youth and being part of their transformation to be community leaders.

Afterwards, he joined the Lazord fellowship and currently he has been placed at Wataneya for the development of orphanages as a research and knowledge coordinator. This is the start of his new journey as a researcher to make orphans’ life better. Also, he monitors and evaluates orphans’ data and does qualitative research to make sure that orphans have an equitable life.

He believes that everyone deserves equal opportunities in life. Life is a journey, and he is grateful that he is gaining a lot of experience every day from his colleagues and family, and everybody around him. He believes that in order to reach our goals, we should gain different experiences from different fields.

Farha Alaa

Farha received her Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities, Sociology Department in 2022. She has a strong belief in the power of education and how it can provide children and youth with the skills and knowledge they need to build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Farha has been interested in social development since a very young age, and thus, she has been volunteering for the last nine years in social development projects. Her interest in education made her volunteer in several educational projects including educational programs in Ezbet Abu-Qarn and Ezbet Khair-Allah.

She also worked for three years as a character-building teacher for kids trying to make them discover their strengths and potential. She’s been a trainer’s coordinator at Science Crafts for Educational Solutions for over a year. Currently as a Lazord Fellow, she is placed at GIZ in Technical Support for the Comprehensive Technical Education Initiative (TCTI) project.

Veronia Gerges

Veronia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy.

She is passionate about refining a future worths living for all people, especially those in vulnerable situations. On the grounds of this, she started working with refugees in projects of the Egyptian Health Ministry and volunteering in BPRM and UNICEF’s projects, and that grew her passion for refugees’ right to a better life and access to their basic needs.

Believing in the impact of education, Veronia’s placement is in the Save the Children education project as a Lazord fellow. Matching her passion with her work and enjoying the change that happens in students’ lives, as much as enjoying skills obtained from the fellowship.

Nawal Bahaa

Nawal Bahaa

As a truth seeker Nawal has always been eager to know the “why” behind everything: Why is life the way it is? Why are people the way they are? Why is life is sometimes not fair? The urge to answer these questions led her to certain paths in life: education, entrepreneurship sustainability and social research. Therefore, while in college, she volunteered in student organizations and worked on education and research-related development projects. Her experiences have led her to the conclusion that she dreams of contributing to the community development sector as a development practitioner.

Khouloud Faizy

Khouloud Faizy

Khouloud works to create change in the health care services, for them to be human-centered and gender oriented. She graduated as a midwife from the higher school of health sciences and techniques in 2021. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in human rights and international humanitarian law, in parallel with a master’s degree in governance of public policy. In 2021, she won the Ambassador for a Day competition that was organized by the British Embassy in Tunisia. She co-founded an independent movement, Ambassadors for Equality, which provides programs to empower underserved girls and young women to claim their rights and create a healthier environment where they can live free from discrimination and violence. She and her team implemented two programs, TeenGirlsLead and Power Voices Challenge.

Khoulud’s journey with the Academy of National Dialogue (AND) began in 2020 as a project manager. She managed a team, organized and moderated 2 seminars about gender equality and women’s rights, one in collaboration with the municipality of Tunis, and the other in collaboration with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), where she demonstrated great public speaking and team-work skills. She also organized and moderated online seminars about education, environment and local authority after the pandemic. She is a trainer in human rights, gender equality, and democracy, and has facilitated workshops and dialogue sessions on different subjects.

Ghazoua Selmi

Ghazoua Selmi

An accomplished and driven individual, known for her unwavering determination and profound commitment to making a positive impact. With a Master’s degree in English literature and a trailbazing career in diverse fields, Ghazoua has garnered recognition and admiration for her achievements and contributions.