Riadh Zaatour

Riadh Zaatour is a 27-year-old who is originally from Jebeniana, Sfax. He participated in the Lazord Fellowship in 2016-2017, and was placed at Search for Common Ground. Through this opportunity, he learned new approaches on how to counter violent extremism in Tunisia. Later on, he worked with WeYouth on the We Vote project, which was a project on the first free municipal elections.

Yosra Bahri

Yosra is a 31-year-old international relations graduate with an ongoing master’s degree in political science, diplomacy and international relations. She is also a Lazord Fellow and project coordinator at Search for Common Ground Tunisia. Interested in international relations, she has visited the European Institutions and both the French Senate and Parliament. She believes that being a part of the Lazord Fellowship will help her to improve her skills and to be a helpful member of society.