Meriana Asad

Meriana is a Landscape designer who graduated from the University of Jordan. Meriana is known for her adaptability, strong communication skills, and empathy. She is a practical person who loves to engage in entrepreneurial and youth work environments.

She volunteered with AIESEC, a non-profit international organization, to develop leadership in youth and offer them opportunities abroad to volunteer or get an internship. Furthermore, she was part of the Study of the U.S. Institutes for Young Women Leaders (SUSI) program, which had a role in developing her leadership skills, civic engagement, women empowerment, and proposal writing.

She has participated in many projects in various countries, such as the Human Rights Project in Lithuania, the Future Development Project in the Netherlands, and Hikmat Leaders in Jordan. Currently, Meriana is a program coordinator intern at Generations for Peace and is excited to be part of the positive impact on her society.

Abir Tayari

Abir Tayari

Abir has a bachelor’s degree in English language, literature, and civilization. She has 2 master’s degrees, one in English for technology and another in management of non-profit organizations. She has a deep interest in research; this is why she did a research internship with Maghreb Economic Forum and always seeks research-related experiences. Among the things she is interested in are fundraising, communication, civic engagement, M&E, and project management. Abir has always been keen about NGOs, and this is why she wanted to put her studies into practice through the Lazord Fellowship. She was placed at the organization I WATCH, where she was a citizen engagement officer. During her studies, she provided trainings to university clubs members on themes like CSR, knowledge management, design thinking, and social entrepreneurship. Recently she started giving trainings on civic engagement and advocacy. Abir is currently a project and financial assistant in Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and a facilitator with ENACTUS Tunisia.