Aly Samara

A picture of Aly Samara

Aly holds a BA in Social Work and has three years of experience in the development sector, focusing on issues related to protection, gender, research, monitoring, evaluation basis. In addition, he works on capacity building for volunteers to qualify them for developmental work, as well as writing a guide for different programs. He is able to find the connecting links that allow these areas to complement each other.

Haya Naber

Haya Naber

Haya graduated from The University of Jordan with a B.Sc. in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Her passion and success enabled her to get the Distinguished Student scholarship at her university. During her academic studies and after graduating, Haya worked with airlines, clinics, and hospitals. These experiences enabled her to gain technical and management skills.

Haya’s journey in civic engagement started when she was in school in the form of volunteerism by taking part in the school’s small initiatives that benefited her community. Her journey continues to this day.

In her last academic year, Haya combined the knowledge she gained in her studies with her passion for nutrition and public health, leading teams on a non-profit platform aiming to spread nutritional awareness to Arabic-speaking audiences. Haya also enjoyed volunteering in diverse areas through, the national platform for volunteering and youth participation. Haya thinks that these experiences enlightened her on issues and obstacles that people face in our community.

If Haya had a superpower to change the world for the better, it would be to grant good health to everyone because the foundation of all happiness is health. According to Haya, health is indeed a divine gift to humankind.

Merna Yossif

Merna Yossif

Merna is an activist in child protection. She has an outstanding passion for gender and women’s rights and children’s mental health, with four years of experience in this field. She is skilled in workshops facilitation, case management, and psychosocial support.

Merna has a strong education background with a pre-master degree in psychology studies. Her current thesis is about self, identity, and body image for adolescent girls.

Merna Youssef Kamal Aziz