Malak Ben Amara

Malak is a law student pursuing the writing of her Master’s thesis in the Faculty of Judicial, Political and Social Sciences of Tunis, interested by the situation of Human Rights and Rule of Law in Tunisia. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Law from the same Faculty in 2020.

Over the past 4 years, Malak has advocated for fighting against corruption and promoting the values of integrity, transparency, and accountability with I WATCH organisation through several programs. In June 2021, she created, as a Parliamentary Assistant, a network of MPs called «Parliamentarians Against Corruption» to promote an anti-corruption legislation. An initiative that had been paralyzed by the President Kais Saied’s coup against a 10-years of hard-won democracy. Also, she worked as a long-term observer of the electoral campaigns for the 2019 elections in Tunisia.

Since August 2021, Malak works as Project Coordinator with I WATCH organisation. She conducted research about the legal framework of fighting against corruption in Tunisia in order to review and adjust it. Also, she organised a series of study days in different regions to revive the dialogue about finance law in the absence of the Parliament. In particular, the participatory workshops held in the presence of different stakeholders and actors to create a common vision for the finance crisis. Through these experiences, she has developed strong skills in project management such as conceptualizing, implementing, monitoring, and reporting about activities in respect of their assigned budget, building partnerships and coalitions, coordinating and communicating with different actors.

Amal Taamallah

Amal is a graduate law student that presents herself as a Human Rights activist and International Law Researcher. Amal has a vast experience that contributed to strength her commitment to civil society and shaping her personality. She served as the General Secretary at NILS. She was a debater and she participated with her local association in the Young Arabe Voices competitions. Her commitment to research is evident in her roles as a researcher at the International Center for Studies, where she contributed to many publications. During this time, she participated in the organization of many international colloquiums.

In October 2021, she attended the National Body for the Fight Against Human Trafficking where she learned a lot in the migration context and in September 2022, she took part in the Euromed HR-Net project “Talking Migration. Later, she joined the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung as an intern where she contributed to many activities like the organization of “The IMF’s forecasts for economic growth and debt sustainability in the region”.

Additionally, she is a fellow alumna of the Youth for Rights fellowship” MENA program by Euro-med monitors for rights in Lebanon. During this experience, she completed her report titled “The Protection of Journalists in the Arab World” with Maharat Foundation. Amal is an alumna of the AMEL Institute program “Human Rights Leadership”. She was also a candidate of the Green Academy: Women for Earth, and she was taking part in the Network: Youth for Climate Action, the climate program of the Arab Youth Center. Amal also participated as a candidate at the Migration Academy 2023 co-organized by Carep and Heinrich Böll Stiftung, where she worked on her policy brief titled “The Continental Governance of Migration in Africa”. In July 2023, Amal participated in the Summer School hosted by the Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG) Center, focusing on Humanitarian International Law. All those experiences have played a crucial role in shaping her advocacy journey and research interests.

Islem Allagui

Islem Allagui

Islem Allagui is currently enrolled as a second year research master’s student at the Higher Institute of Languages in Tunis and she specializes in Cross Cultural Studies and Poetics. Over the years, she has demonstrated valued leadership skills by means of participating in her college community activities. Her aspiration to create a positive change led her to volunteer on the management team of TedxSidiBouSaid to bring life into the event entitled ‘Brighten Your Future’. As a debater, she participated in multiple trainings such as I Debate w Rasi 3ali and Sawty Debate Competition. She aspires as a leader to use her skills to make constructive change in her community and to inspire others to do the same.

Mohamed Ali Ben Yedder

Mohamed Ali Ben Yedder

Daly graduated with a master’s degree in risk assessment and management in insurance and banking from the University of Tunis Manar in 2022. He has decided to create a career in which he can make a difference and be a thought leader who inspires others in society.

Daly was lucky enough to be part of the Lazord Fellowship family through UTIL and placed at the Tunisian Association of Public Auditors, where he coordinates Civic Engagement Programs. He has experience in community engagement projects, coordination and mentorship.

Beyond everything, Daly is passionate about the arts, in particular music, cinema, and traveling.