Mohamed Khalil Bedoui

Khalil has a master’s degree in finance from the Higher Institute of Management. He worked as an insurance manager for two years. He also performed auditing and accounting tasks with the NGO SAWTY.

His expertise is oriented around the management of nonprofit projects, from analysis to implementation, up to the evaluation stage. During his time with SAWTY, whose objective is to promote the values of citizenship among young people, he participated in several projects that aimed to promote citizenship, elections, and the constitution either as a member of the project’s team or as project manager. Creativity and proactivity are qualities that he always demonstrates.

Khalil wanted to extend his experience and consolidate his knowledge so he tried volunteered internationally as a prevention facilitator in a Parisian NGO Wimoov.

Jihene Raach

Jihene studied private law at Central University in Tunisia. She always aims to acquire more experience in civil society through her academic career as well as her professional career. She has had multiple internships and trainings that have contributed to her capacity building; her participation in the program of emerging leaders of Arab regions with World Youth Alliance (WYA) was one opportunity that allowed her to improve various skills . She also values her work with the United Nations Democracy Fund, her volunteer work at the Tunisian Red Crescent, and her internship at the law firm Cabinet El Manar. She decided to join the Lazord Fellowship because one of her professional goals is to work for an NGO’s. Jihene is always looking for different opportunities to apply her enthusiasm and dynamism to noble causes.

Abdelmajid Djebali

Abdelmajid is 24 years old and he specializes in political communication,  a branch that combines political sciences and communication sciences .

In April 2017, he was selected by the European Union to attend a training on religious tolerance and the acceptance of differences in Lecce, Italy, with the Erasmus+ program. After that, he received the Youthpass certificate from the European Union.

In June 2017, he was selected by the US Department of State to participate in the Middle East Partnership Initiative Student Leaders Program in the USA. He learned about project management and politics in the USA at Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois.

He is able to manage his time, and to devote it to fully focusing on his mission; therefore he is available for any given position. In general, he is innovative, creative, and supportive. He has a great capacity to work, especially on a team. In addition, he has different skills relating to negotiation, communications, and solving issues.

He has had different positions at well-known organizations in Tunisia such as Jamaity (, where he was given the opportunity to work with various stakeholders and actors, and was able to gain different skills in the fields of human rights and community development.