Hager Ebeid

Hager Ebeid is an accomplished environmental engineer and sustainability enthusiast with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences and a professional diploma in Solar Energy from The American University in Cairo. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering, specialising in Smart Management of Climate Change.

Hager has made a significant impact throughout her career. As a consultant at Chemonics Egypt, she provided expert advice on environmental projects and developed innovative solutions. She also played a crucial role as a coordinator in the safe spaces’ initiative of the UNFPA, empowering vulnerable populations, particularly women and youth.

Beyond her professional engagements, Hager actively contributes as a trainer in green technology programs, inspiring others to embrace sustainable practices. She has represented the United Nations Population Fund at international forums and attended COP 27 as an observer, a prestigious global event focused on addressing climate change. Hager’s dedication to environmental engineering and sustainable development is truly remarkable. Through her work, she strives to create a greener and more sustainable future, serving as an inspiration to her peers and beyond.

Farha Alaa

Farha received her bachelor’s degree in Humanities, sociology department in 2022. She has a strong belief in the power of education and how it can provide children and youth with the skills and knowledge they need to build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Farha has been interested in social development since a very young age, and thus, she has been volunteering for the last nine years in social development projects. Her interest in education made her volunteer in several educational projects including educational programs in Ezbet Abu-Qarn and Ezbet Khair-Allah.

She also worked for three years as a character-building teacher for kids trying to make them discover their strengths and potential. She’s been a trainer’s coordinator at Science Crafts for Educational Solutions for over a year. Currently as a Lazord Fellow, she is placed at GIZ in Technical Support for the Comprehensive Technical Education Initiative (TCTI) project.

Veronia Gerges

Veronia has a bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy.

She is passionate about refining a future worths living for all people, especially those in vulnerable situations. On the grounds of this, she started working with refugees in projects of the Egyptian Health Ministry and volunteering in BPRM and UNICEF’s projects, and that grew her passion for refugees’ right to a better life and access to their basic needs.

Believing in the impact of education, Veronia’s placement is in the Save the Children education project as a Lazord fellow. Matching her passion with her work and enjoying the change that happens in students’ lives, as much as enjoying skills obtained from the fellowship.

Hatem Mohyeldin

With a mind full of questions and an overwhelming desire for knowledge, Hatem Mohyeldin seeks to shape his own culture and philosophy to serve the society’s goals in which he lives. While studying Arabic literature and literary criticism at Alexandria university, he sought to hone his analytical and philosophical skills; so he joined the Summer School of Philosophy as a student, then a lecturer, and then responsible for the content preparation team. Besides his participation in student activities as the coordinator’s vice of the Safwa team, the student entity representing the Library of Alexandria (BA) within universities.

Adding to his practical experiences as a research assistant, researcher, data researcher, and proofreader in several institutions and projects during the period before joining the Lazord Fellowship. Based on his belief in knowledge and cultural diversity as a tool for the development of society and the harmony of its members, he enhanced his experience during his internship in the Civic Participation Unit at DEDI, and learned the different aspects of project management, and how to enhance the skills of participation, sustainability, and acceptance within the framework of cultural exchange.

During the last quarter of 2021, Hatem coordinated a project of critical readings of Naguib Mahfouz’s works at the 6 Bab-Sharq Center in Alexandria, where the participants seek to analyse and interrogate the novels and discuss the text and its connection to reality, and then criticize it. This project turned to be the first step to “هوامش قارئ “which means “a reader commentaries” in the end of 2022, as he believe in the cultural discussion as a way to understand the society.

Yara Emad

Yara has been working as an advanced trainer in the field of (SRHR) and gender with Y-PEER Egypt (Funded by UNFPA ) since 2016. She currently works as a trainer on comprehensive sexuality education with Love Matters.

Yara tries to understand the health problems that occur in Egypt and which methods are followed by health organizations. She attended a reproductive health training with the Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship at the American University of Beirut.

Yara is also interested in the field of research, and participated on a research project between Agiad Psychiatric Hospital in Egypt and Pittsburgh University in the USA in 2020.

Nawal Bahaa

Nawal Bahaa

As a truth seeker Nawal has always been eager to know the “why” behind everything: Why is life the way it is? Why are people the way they are? Why is life is sometimes not fair? The urge to answer these questions led her to certain paths in life: education, entrepreneurship sustainability and social research. Therefore, while in college, she volunteered in student organizations and worked on education and research-related development projects. Her experiences have led her to the conclusion that she dreams of contributing to the community development sector as a development practitioner.

Aly Samara

A picture of Aly Samara

Aly holds a BA in Social Work and has three years of experience in the development sector, focusing on issues related to protection, gender, research, monitoring, evaluation basis. In addition, he works on capacity building for volunteers to qualify them for developmental work, as well as writing a guide for different programs. He is able to find the connecting links that allow these areas to complement each other.

Noran Youness

Noran Youness

Noran is a versatile dentist with diverse interests. She has been heavily involved in different volunteering activities as well as different sectors of development ever since middle school. Her inquisitiveness led her to get involved in projects related to the environment, climate change, health accessibility, health prevention & promotion, children and youth without parental care, emergency/disaster relief and education. Upon graduation, she discovered that she wants to fix more than teeth and that she is in her element when working on activities related to bettering our community. That is when she was awarded the Lazord Fellowship and started her professional work in public health. Noran is on a mission to help people, and to improve health accessibility and community development. She is always on the lookout for opportunities to sharpen her skills to be better equipped to serve vulnerable populations and underprivileged communities.

Manar Sawahel

Manar Sawahel

Manar is a social worker, graduating in 2019 from the Faculty of Arts and Department of Sociology at Tanta University. She worked at Dawar on the Sexual and Reproductive Health Project by Image and Forum Theatre with OXFAM, and she worked for 3 years as a facilitator with children and adults on the Drosos Project at El Shehab Development in Ezbt El-Hagana.

She facilitated workshops part of a UN Women project to support refugee women at Dawar, facilitated many Theatre Kids workshops at Dawr Ezbt Kahrialla with the Dutch Embassy, facilitated workshops with homeless children on a project with Sawa Center for psychology consultations and the Relief and Emergency Foundation, and facilitated TOT for Care volunteers using Forum Theatre with communities .

She has been volunteering with local NGO’s and INGO’s such as UNICEF and Tdh since 2015.

She has a diploma in Community Action Method By Arts and a diploma in Forum Theatre from Dawar. She took participated in the Active Citizen program, and took a training workshop on Theatre Kids With Simon Di Yong at Dawar .

Manar is a member of the Medfest Festival Film team.

Mohamed Amin

Mohamed Amin

Amin is a Renewable Energy Engineer who started his journey in the development sector in 2017, focusing first on youth empowerment, then widening his perspective to focus more on sustainable development.

Amin believes in the power of building communities either through networking, fostering collaborations, capacity building, or raising awareness. This is why while working at AUC, he focused on supporting local communities and building their capacities. He also worked on promoting solutions and raising awareness during COP27 when he was responsible for the AUC pavilion in the green zone.

In addition, Amin received a certificate to be a trainer in sustainable development from the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development.

Now, he is more focused on building collaborative communities in the business and entrepreneurship sectors through his work with ElRehla (The Journey).