Zeinab Gamal Ali Mohamed

Zeinab Gamal Ali Mohamed

Fellowship year

2020 - 2021


Youth Development

Placement when a fellow

Fadilia Foundation

Higher education

Bachelor's Degree - Faculty of Commerce (English section), Business Administration Department

Current country of residence



Zeinab comes from Qena in Upper Egypt. She graduated third in her class from the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration (English section). She also graduated from Dandara Schools for knowledge as she is a member of Dandara Cultural Center. Following are some examples of her achievements during college:

• Youth Leadership Programme Coordinator: Through an agreement between Dandara Cultural Center (DCC) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) she represented DCC in the YLP5 regional workshop in Beirut, Lebanon. She was then the programme coordinator in DCC and responsible for following up on the implementation of youth innovation camps, online and offline orientation sessions on SDGs, and community dialogues.
• General English Programme Coordinator: She coordinated the programme plan between DCC and AUC-School of Continuing Education (SCE) to offer AUC-SCE English courses to youth in Upper Egypt.
• Youth Empowerment Programme Specialist: She was responsible for planning, implementing, reporting, and following up on the youth programme in Qena as well as organizing youth-related events such as the Upper Egypt Youth Forum with other governorate coordinators.

Zeinab is ambitious, committed, and eager to learn new skills and knowledge to develop herself and to continually achieve more.