Yamina Touihri

Yamina Touihri

Fellowship year

2018 - 2019


Peace Building

Placement when a fellow

Search for Common Ground

Higher education

Bachelor's degree in Multimedia and Web Development

Current country of residence



Yamina graduated in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in multimedia and web development. She started her professional career as a designer, then was a community manager for one year with a communication agency and startups. Over the past two years, she has had the chance to be part of the Tunisian ecosystem where she developed skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, and branding. This experience had a positive effect both on her personal and professional life. At certain points, she had a strong feeling that she was not reaching her full potential, and decided that she had to get out of her comfort zone. She decided to follow the things that she is passionate about and to improve the skills she already has; thus, she started writing and blogging again. Yamina is currently a formal writer with CreativeNess and is preparing to launch her new blog soon.