Taheni Ben Mansour

Fellowship year

2018 - 2019



Placement when a fellow


Current employment &/or degree seeking

Project Assistant at Expertise France

Higher education

Master's degree in Financial Engineering

Current country of residence



Taheni is a dynamic professional with a background in financial engineering and a passion for exploring diverse fields. She embarked on a journey of discovery, seeking out diverse experiences to broaden her skill set. Her career trajectory took a transformative turn in 2018 when she joined the Lazord Fellowship Program, where she discovered a passion for social impact and community development. This led to roles such as Financial Assistant at ATL MST SIDA and Project Assistant at AHK Tunisia. Since 2023, Taheni has contributed to international projects at Expertise France. With a knack for adapting to new challenges and a commitment to personal and professional growth, Taheni is poised for success in her endeavors.