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Samar Saad Abdelrahman

Fellowship year

2010 - 2011


Communication - Relief

Placement when a fellow

Care International

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Campaign Manager - Save the Children Egypt

Higher education

Pursuing Master Degree in Development Studies - Maastricht University

Current country of residence



Samar Abdelrahman is currently working as a Campaign Manager with Save the Children Egypt and finalizing a Master’s Degree thesis in Globalization and Development Studies from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in International Law and Political Economy from the American University in Cairo. She has more than 5 years’ experience as an aid worker, during which she worked with various international organizations in Egypt and abroad.

“In a world controlled by corporations and financial interests, I believe I am working the job of my dream; I am working in a job that is highly associated with my values and the things that I have faith in. Without being totally utopian about humanitarian work, it is, to a far extent, a work that offers actual help to unprivileged people. Yes, humanitarian work saves thousands of lives every day. We remember the people who are forgotten or abused by their governments and/or the world. I can see closely the changes that I am help making for those people in need and what other that can be more satisfactory in a job. And this is exactly what makes my work not just a job, but my lifestyle, passion, and commitment.”