Raya Al-Momani

Raya Al-Momani

Fellowship year

2015 - 2016


Development - Women's Empowerment - Youth Development

Placement when a fellow

Entrepreneurship Program Assistant Officer - INJAZ

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Fundraising Officer - Better World

Higher education

Master's degree in Women's Studies - University of Jordan

Current country of residence



Raya received a B.A. in development studies from Philadelphia University, and is currently pursuing a master’s in women’s studies from the University of Jordan.

Raya started in civil society by volunteering for five years with NGOs. She now has three years of working experience with local and international NGOs such as UNICEF, NRC, BASMA, INJAZ, and Better World.

She has represented Jordan in several European countries and given training courses in different Arab countries. She loves volunteering and working with creative youth.  Raya is a leader whose skillset and interests are multifaceted: she is a trainer and facilitator: she is skilled at public communication, marketing, and project writing; and she is interested in women’s empowerment, children’s rights, and education.

In addition, Raya is an inventor, and has an idea for an invention that would help disabled people be mobile without having to use a wheelchair.