Ranya Rabadi

Ranya Rabadi

Fellowship year

2021 - 2022



Placement when a fellow

Plan International

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Gender and Protection Officer - Plan International

Higher education

Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Engineering

Current country of residence



Ranya sometimes goes by her name and other times by Miss Google, only because she simply researches every flying thought she has! Part of that is due to being brought up by parents in the STEM field, living abroad away from her country of origin, and due to the vast exposure to different cultures around her. It is through that realization at just 15 years old that she knew she was a people’s person, and her calling is that of servitude; it was also the year she held my first real leadership position. Furthermore, her keen interest in research and evaluation have granted her the opportunity to work alongside university professors and others on public health research. She continues to serve as a technical team officer in the humanitarian sector where she is involved in protection, gender, and the field closest to her heart: public health and SRH.