Rand Al Khushman

Fellowship year

2021 - 2022


Climate Change - Climate Justice - Youth

Placement when a fellow

Program Assistant - ActionAid Arab Region (AAAR)

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Program Coordinator - IREX (International Research & Exchanges Board)

Higher education

Bachelor's Degree in Water Resources Resources and Environmental Management

Current country of residence



A Jordanian Women Climate Activist, representing Jordan in numerous local, regional, and international platforms and conferences. She focuses on Climate Action, which includes: Awareness, Collaboration, Capacity Building, and Education. She coordinates three projects: the first, Global Solutions, aims to connect students and facilitators from universities in the US, Iraq, and Jordan, utilizing design thinking to find optimal solutions for their community issues, with themes varying from cohort to cohort. The second project, SHE’s GREAT! 2.0, is a comprehensive, community-based, gender-responsive program for youth. It aims to identify and transform gender stereotypes, fostering inclusive communities where students are equipped with networks, STEM training, confidence, and leadership skills to engage fully in their communities and careers. The third project, in collaboration with the National Agricultural Research Center, focuses on enhancing the capacities of youth and women in adopting best practices for water harvesting and sustainable agriculture to address challenges in the upstream area of King Talal Dam. It is crucial to raise community awareness about these issues. Please reach out if we share common goals or can collaborate. Viva Climate Viva!