Omar Talaat

Fellowship year

2023 - 2024



Placement when a fellow

Business Developer & Partnerships Specialist in ElRehla

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Cairo University

Current country of residence



Omar started his journey in the development field when he was 15 moved by the positive spirit after 2011. He started an initiative in their neighbourhood to clean its streets and engage the inhabitants of the neighbourhood.

During his studies in Engineering at Cairo university, he participated in many student activities, and he became the president of one of the most effective student activities which was working as a media platform for the students.

Omar is focusing now on developing the ecosystems by helping in the creation of collaborative communities through his work at ElRehla. In particular, he hosts unconventional retreat experiences focusing on gathering the stakeholders of a certain sector to accelerate building communities through connecting both personally and professionally.

Omar hopes to explore the opportunities by his role as a Partnership Specialist to create more impact within the development sector by creating more collaborations and helping in creating more initiatives.