Ohoud Wafi

Ohoud Wafi

Fellowship year

2012 - 2013


Development - Research

Placement when a fellow

Program Coordinator - Young Innovator's Awards Program (Nahdet El Mahrousa)

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Research Consultant - AUC

Higher education

Master's degree in Comparative Politics with a specialization in the Arab World

Current country of residence



Ohoud holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Cairo University as well as a master’s degree in comparative politics from Saint Joseph University in Beirut. She started her career in civil society in Egypt in 2012, when she became a Lazord Fellow. She is passionate about helping vulnerable groups, and believes in the role that governmental and non-governmental entities can play by working together to enhance the welfare of vulnerable groups. She has worked for several organizations, such as Nahdet El Mahrousa, Misr el Kheir Foundation, and Handicap International-Egypt, and has experience in implementing different projects relating to R&D, innovation, education, and the preservation of arts and culture.

Ohoud is currently working on a short mission as a research consultant at AUC, in cooperation with UNICEF Egypt and the Ministry of Social Solidarity. Her main role for this mission is to conduct qualitative research about social workers. She had a similar mission with Handicap International-Egypt, where she conducted a needs assessment for primary health care units in Greater Cairo, focusing on early detection and early intervention (EDEI) services. Dedicated to research, Ohoud has conducted mapping assignments and published reports about: citizenship education in Egypt, the phenomena of co-working spaces, challenges facing civil society in Egypt, and development in Shalatin.