Nour Akileh

Nour Akileh

Fellowship year

2019 - 2020


Entrepreneurship - Innovation - Youth

Placement when a fellow

Intellectual Property Assistant - iPARK, Royal Scientific Society

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Project Coordinator - iPARK, Royal Scientific Society

Higher education

Literature and Cultural Studies in English - Hashemite University

Current country of residence



Nour received her BA from Hashemite University, majoring in Literature and Cultural Studies in English. She graduated at the top 3% of her class and was awarded a very prestigious opportunity to represent Jordan abroad in the Study of the U.S Institutes for Student Leaders program at Bard College, New York, becoming one of the International Exchange Alumni. While maintaining her academic excellence, Nour has always been keen on finding a balance between her studies and extracurricular activities and community work in an attempt to help those in need and to grow her personality. Hence, she has an extensive volunteering experience both locally and internationally.

Nour has a unique experience, just like her personality, resulting from the diverse knowledge and experiences she has acquired throughout her journey before, during and after the Lazord Fellowship. She has experience working in cross-cultural communications, further enriched by years of solid experiences in research, innovation and entrepreneurship. This has contributed to creating the cosmopolitan leader she has become.

Nour cares for others and is passionate about intercultural communication and its role in promoting peace and coexistence in communities. Therefore, she has a genuine belief that mutual understanding lead to more inclusive and tolerant societies and that small actions make a big difference.