Noran Youness

Noran Youness

Fellowship year

2021 - 2022


Public Health - Youth

Placement when a fellow

Health Program Specialist - Center for Development Services

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Project Manager - Center for Development Services

Higher education

Bachelor of Oral and Dental Medicine - Misr International University

Current country of residence



Noran is a versatile dentist with diverse interests. She has been heavily involved in different volunteering activities as well as different sectors of development ever since middle school. Her inquisitiveness led her to get involved in projects related to the environment, climate change, health accessibility, health prevention & promotion, children and youth without parental care, emergency/disaster relief and education. Upon graduation, she discovered that she wants to fix more than teeth and that she is in her element when working on activities related to bettering our community. That is when she was awarded the Lazord Fellowship and started her professional work in public health. Noran is on a mission to help people, and to improve health accessibility and community development. She is always on the lookout for opportunities to sharpen her skills to be better equipped to serve vulnerable populations and underprivileged communities.