Natalie Algorani

Natalie Algorani

Fellowship year

2017 - 2018



Placement when a fellow

Junior Project Officer - SPARK

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Program Officer - The HALO Trust

Higher education

Chemical Engineering - University of Jordan

Current country of residence



Natalie Algorani holds a B.Sc from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Jordan. Driven by passion, Natalie has been working on community change projects since 2008. Her projects involve environmental and humanitarian causes,  ranging from peace building to girls’ empowerment. Natalie has been given many prestigious opportunities to represent Jordanian Youth across the globe. Two examples of these opportunities being her participation in the, “Student Leaders,” Program through Georgetown University, and UN Women week at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC. Furthermore, Natalie has conducted 3 research projects involving environmental and social causes, and received an award from the Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research for her innovative work on environmental issues in Jordan.

Natalie has led many local initiatives, including a peace club that reached 200 students, and led LitClub in Jordan in partner with LitWorld. In addition, Natalie was a lead pioneer at Generations for Peace and a volunteer with United Nations Volunteers (UNV). Natalie is currently a Program Officer at the HALO Trust.