Naira khaled

Fellowship year

2023 - 2024


Mental Health

Placement when a fellow

Professional & Administrative Assistant at Rakhawy Institute for Training and Research

Higher education

Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, Assiut University

Current country of residence



“Life is like carrying a message from the child you were to the old man you will be. You have to make sure that this message isn’t lost along the way”. Unknown.

Naira Khaled literally lives out the meaning of the above quote, every day. Being raised in Upper Egypt has shaped her childhood’s message to be focused on improving the lives of the children who suffer. That’s why if she had a superpower, she would like to make every child’s home a safe place “Malaz”.

Naira Khaled is a 25-year-old art therapist. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Assiut University and has obtained a Diploma in Art Therapy to take a closer step towards her life goals. She is passionate about the mental health, children empowerment, art therapy and puppetry art. She firmly believes in the transformative power of art therapy interventions for improving children’s mental health. Naira’s passion for puppetry art led her to participate in research on puppet theatre at Al Ain University in the UAE in 2019.

Currently, she is in the process of establishing her startup called “Nero Puppets,” which aims to improve children’s mental health through puppet therapy. Through the fellowship, Naira is placed at Rakhawy Institute for Training and Research, where she is enrolled on a program that seeks to provide psychological care for people.