Mu'taz Alhulayil

Mu’taz Alhulayil

Fellowship year

2022 - 2023



Placement when a fellow

Project Officer

Higher education

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration - Yarmouk University

Current country of residence



Mu’taz holds a degree in business administration from Yarmouk University in Jordan. Since his early childhood, he was drawn to community service activities. He is a hard-working and proactive individual with strong problem-solving and communication skills and the ability to learn new concepts fast. He is very passionate about community service projects and has been involved in many projects as a volunteer in youth support and women empowerment programs with different NGOs in Jordan. He believes that the most important factors for success in the career life are to love your field, desire and perseverance to learn, and to have a short and long-term vision that you strive to achieve.