Mouamar Moumar

Mouamar Moumar

Fellowship year

2022 - 2023


Advocacy - Citizenship

Placement when a fellow

Project Coordinator - Partners-Jordan

Higher education

Bachelor's Degree in International Relations & Strategic Studies - Hashemite University

Current country of residence



Muamer graduated from the Hashemite University with a bachelor’s degree in international relations and strategic studies. He believes that young people in the Jordanian community do not receive adequate representation in the political system. He also believes that this is a result of misconceptions in youth’s minds about political and partisan participation. However, thanks to the economic and political openness, youth in Jordan are developing their political knowledge in comparison to the past.

Through the Lazord Fellowship, he joined Partners-Jordan as a project coordinator, working on empowering and raising political awareness for women and youth. This is helping him further broaden his knowledge and deepen his understanding of the political atmosphere, which will eventually give him the chance to lead and have a role in Jordan’s political reform.