Mostafa Shahin

Mostafa Shahin

Fellowship year

2019 - 2020



Placement when a fellow

AUC Venture Lab

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Full-time MBA Student

Higher education

MBA Candidate - Terry College of Business, University of Georgia

Current country of residence

United States


Mostafa is a dedicated, proactive business graduate from Egypt with a passion for entrepreneurship and travel. He has had a long record of community engagement since 2012. After graduating, he travelled to Bangalore, India, where he became familiar with the entrepreneurial scene in India during his stay at Jagaa startup incubator.

Following this experience, Mostafa explored a banking career in multiple banks. Pursuing his passion, he quit his job at the bank and applied for the Lazord Fellowship for development studies. Shortly after, Mostafa joined AUC Venture Lab Startup accelerator, where he worked closely with entrepreneurs to refine and scale their business.

Currently, Mostafa is a Fulbright Scholar and a 2nd year MBA Student focusing on Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the University of Georgia.