Montassar Bellah Jaaouene

Montassar Bellah Jaaouene

Fellowship year

2022 - 2023


Social Entrepreneurship

Placement when a fellow

Data Analyst - TCSE (Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship)

Higher education

Bachelor's Degree in Public Law and Political Science

Current country of residence



Montassar Bellah has a bachelor’s degree in public law and political science from the University of Tunis Manar. Nonetheless, he dodged working in the legal industry as he opted to further his studies in a master’s program in the field of science and technology policies. He is expecting to receive his master’s in December 2023.

Montassar was happy to have been accepted to the Lazord Fellowship because he thought it was the best opportunity to improve his professional skills. Through the fellowship, he was placed at the Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship (TCSE) as a data analyst and communications department assistant.

When Montassar is not at work or university, he loves to spend his time jogging or reading books and mangas.