Mohamed Amin

Mohamed Amin

Fellowship year

2021 - 2022


Climate Change - Sustainable Development

Placement when a fellow

Junior Project Coordinator - CARES AUC

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Project Lead - ElRehla

Higher education

Bachelor's Degree in Energy and Renewable Energy Engineering

Current country of residence



Amin is a Renewable Energy Engineer who started his journey in the development sector in 2017, focusing first on youth empowerment, then widening his perspective to focus more on sustainable development.

Amin believes in the power of building communities either through networking, fostering collaborations, capacity building, or raising awareness. This is why while working at AUC, he focused on supporting local communities and building their capacities. He also worked on promoting solutions and raising awareness during COP27 when he was responsible for the AUC pavilion in the green zone.

In addition, Amin received a certificate to be a trainer in sustainable development from the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development.

Now, he is more focused on building collaborative communities in the business and entrepreneurship sectors through his work with ElRehla (The Journey).