Mays Nemri

Mays Nemri

Fellowship year

2017 - 2018


Human Rights

Placement when a fellow

Project Coordinator at PartnersJordan (PJ)

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Hub Regional Coordinator at Innovation for Change (MENA Hub)

Higher education

Bachelor's degree in Computer Systems Engineering - Al Balqa Applied University

Current country of residence



Mays is a highly experienced Jordanian non-governmental organizations professional, with over six years of experience coordinating multi-stakeholder local and regional projects in Jordan and the MENA region. Possessing a deep understanding of Jordan’s political and social ecosystem and the broader Middle East and North Africa region, she has particular expertise in designing and implementing interventions that aim to widen and open civic space using social and political innovation, as well as utilizing technology to defend, promote, and protect human rights and advancing social justice in the region.

Through the Lazord Fellowship, Mays was placed at PartnersJordan (PJ) as a Project Coordinator. Over the five years of her tenure at PJ, she held various programmatic roles and was promoted to the position of Programs Coordinator, leading high-level local and regional projects funded by donors such as the World Bank, the EU, and USAID, focusing on human rights and widening civic spaces. In 2023, Mays joined the Innovation for Change Network as a staff member, holding the position of The MENA Hub Regional Coordinator, which she still holds to the present. She developed her expertise in co-design, business development, and adaptive learning, in addition to project coordination, during her time working with PartnersJordan, PartnersGlobal, Innovation for Change, and other social and political change networks.