Maxwell Botrous

Maxwell Botrous

Fellowship year

2017 - 2018


Placement when a fellow

Ruwwad Altanmeyah - Monitoring and Evaluation officer

Higher education

Political Science, British University in Egypt

Current country of residence



Throughout Maxwell Botrous’ career he has joined various institutions at home and abroad that operate locally, regionally, and/or internationally. These experiences have helped him form new skills and sharpen already existent ones. On the top of the list of his acquired skills lies working with different nationalities, the capacity to communicate in diverse settings, and cultural sensitivity. Majoring in political science was a natural fit for him. While in high school, he started a journey of career discovery by creating his own political discourse channel through rap music. This channel caught the attention of regional organizations such as the League of Arab States, and eventually even reaching international organizations such as the United Nations’ World Food Programme. Through his communication skills and interest in politics he finds great joy in working in the field creating new bonds and relationships with people from different backgrounds while, at the same time, applying analytical research and reporting skills. He is passionate about having an impact on society and regards it as a self-rewarding process that fulfills his aspirations and achieves dual goals of personal and communal interests. His future goal is to create an NGO that focuses on conflict resolution and spreading a culture of tolerance and diversity appreciation.