Mariem Ben Issa

Fellowship year

2020 - 2021


Peace Building

Placement when a fellow

Search For Common Ground

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Master´s degree seeking in IT Law - The university of Tartu Estonia

Higher education

Master's Degree in Public Law

Current country of residence



Meriem Ben Issa is an IT Law Researcher from Tunisia, specializing in the dynamic field where law intersects with technology. Holding a master’s degree in public law from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Tunis, Meriem brings a strong academic foundation to her work. With over five years of hands-on experience in the development sector, particularly in digital rights related projects, she demonstrates a practical understanding of legal issues in the digital sphere. Currently pursuing her second master’s degree in information technology law at the University of Tartu in Estonia, Meriem remains dedicated to expanding her expertise and contributing to the evolving sector of technology law.