Maha Hajji

Maha Hajji

Fellowship year

2021 - 2022



Placement when a fellow

Project Assistant - ATL MST SIDA Bureau National (Sfax)

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Seeking master's degree and to develop Retaste, a brand for which she is an associate

Higher education

Master's Degree in Agri-Food

Current country of residence



Maha is a future entrepreneur based in Sfax who graduated from the Biotechnology Faculty of Sciences in Sfax. She is an associate of Retaste, a brand that promotes healthy eating and produces and sells products containing black garlic. She is an alumna of Aiesec Thyna, a youth leadership development organization, where she was a manager of business to business development. She is a member of JCI Sfax, where she is the director of the project Arti-Sfax. Lastly, she was the team leader of her group who participated in the Hult Prize Challenge.