Lian Saifi

Lian Saifi

Fellowship year

2013 - 2014


Communication - Refugees

Placement when a fellow

Leaders of Tomorrow

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Technical Multimedia Officer - Norwegian Refugee Council

Higher education

Bachelor of Arts in Design and Visual Communication

Current country of residence



When Lian Saifi first joined the program, she was a fresh graduate and joined the great local youth organization Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT). She spent two years there, building her skills and capacities. It was the perfect place to do so, because they gave her the opportunity and the space to grow and come out of her comfort zone. Being there nurtured in her the drive to keep trying new things and be up for challenges. She first joined LOT as an intern and was rapidly given the full trust to lead an entire project.

After understanding the youth context and the local sphere of NGOs in Jordan, she decided to apply to an international organization. One of them was the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), which is one of the most reputable organizations among the INGOs in Jordan. She became the multimedia technical officer at NRC, working in the communications and advocacy unit. She manages communication products that advocate and address Syrian refugee issues in Jordan. The communication products vary from videos, photos, publications, data visualization, and blog content to campaigns.

“Now that I am out there, I can reflect back to those 4 years that passed and I would say that I am very proud of myself, and very happy with the opportunities I was given along the way, and I would tell you to stay tuned, because you will be hearing some great news about me in the coming days.”