Khuzama Wardeh

Khuzama Wardeh

Fellowship year

2020 - 2021



Placement when a fellow

Business Development Specialist - BioEnergy for Alternative Fuel

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Renewable Energy and Environment Specialist - RCREEE

Higher education

Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering - Department of Environmental Engineering, Al-Baath University, Syria

Current country of residence



Khuzama is a Syrian who graduated as an environmental engineer in 2018. Soon after, she got the opportunity to explore the environmental, renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors in her region. Realizing that environment is not only a standalone science, she encourages the addition of “spices” such as economics, politics, policy making and governance along the way.

Khuzama’s perspective on life is similar to that of many people: to spread justice and to end poverty. She is grateful that her life has been enriched with very important experiences and people from different parts of the world. Her plan is to help people and the planet–to get decent, green, and sustainable services.