Katrennada Kasmi

Fellowship year

2023 - 2024


Human Rights

Placement when a fellow

Article 19

Higher education

Master's Degree in Public Law

Current country of residence



Born with a heart for serving others, Katrennada kickstarted her journey gaining legal prowess at Tunis’ top law school: the faculty of juridical political and social sciences of Tunis.

Across seas she sailed, emerging transformed from America’s shores as a Thomas Jefferson Scholar at Augustana University. There, she delved deeply into international relations. She pursued invaluable studies, honing research, data analysis, cultural sensitivity, and critical thinking on complex global issues. This equipped her to navigate intricate legal and social landscapes with nuance. At Augustana University, Katrennada polished invaluable skills like strategic research, nuanced cultural understanding and holistic critical thinking – fully equipping herself to solve humanity’s most complex problems.

Outside of her academics, Katrennada packed her skill-set full of cutting-edge professional experience. She served as a legal secretary to gain insight into law in practice. She also taught language classes to share knowledge and connect with communities. Additionally, she interned as a receptionist at a renowned five-star hotel to develop exceptional communication, problem-solving, and organizational abilities. Committed to service, she actively volunteered with institutions and organizations to address injustice and promote positive change. Through her role at the Refugee Center of Sioux Falls, Katrennada demonstrated an innate ability to connect with vulnerable populations. She brought soothing comfort through empathetic listening and reliable aid. Displaced individuals left her care restored with hope for the future. She also engaged in numerous impactful activities through her involvement with the Junior Chamber International of Tunisia (Rades). She adopted behaviors to safeguard the environment by taking part in ecological awareness campaigns aimed at reducing consumption and utilizing renewable energy to combat climate change.

Additionally, Katrennada honed valuable skills through other Junior Chamber initiatives. She promoted speakers at an entrepreneurship event on starting startups, gaining experience in marketing. She also led an oral hygiene awareness campaign for children, designing games and simulations to effectively teach dental health. These Junior Chamber activities demonstrate how Kasmi actively gives back through community service while enhancing her leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Her commitment to volunteering exemplifies her passion for enacting positive change and supporting others.