Kareem Nabil

Fellowship year

2023 - 2024


Children - Education

Placement when a fellow

Save the Children

Higher education

Bachelor of Science and Education, Helwan University

Current country of residence



Kareem holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Education from Helwan University, where his academic journey laid the foundation for his commitment to community development.

His life’s driving force is rooted in a profound passion to effect positive change in his community and enhance the lives of those around him. Kareem firmly believes that the impact one leaves on others’ lives is the most valuable aspect of life itself. This belief was solidified within him because he participated in an activity with the Egyptian Scouts, where he served as a scout leader for a team of children. He developed their life and scouting skills through scout activities, games, and active learning strategies. Kareem pondered why he couldn’t transfer this experience to children in the community beyond scouting. He decided to initiate a community project to develop and enhance children’s social and life skills. During his research to write his initiative, Kareem discovered a field called development, in which he found a significant sector working on children and education.

So, embarking on his path in the field of development during his university studies, Kareem dedicated his time to volunteering with various esteemed organizations, both locally and internationally. Among these organizations are Y-Peer, Care Egypt, CRS, JICA, and Educatme. In each volunteering endeavour, Kareem aimed to craft a unique experience, ensuring a diverse set of skills and knowledge. His volunteering efforts spanned across projects addressing critical issues such as gender equality, education, refugee and migrant support, livelihoods, and healthcare. These diverse experiences served as a profound learning ground, providing Kareem with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the development field.

Presently, Kareem finds himself immersed in a new and transformative phase of life, one that he considers a journey of continuous learning and exploration. Committed to making a lasting impact, Kareem looks forward to leveraging his skills and experiences for the betterment of communities and societies at large. Through his work, he aspires to contribute to creating positive, sustainable change that echoes for generations to come.