Jumana Al-Weshah

Jumana Al-Weshah

Fellowship year

2016 - 2017


Education - Youth Development

Placement when a fellow

Program Assistant - Global Nomads Group

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Master's degree in Highway and Transportation Engineering

Higher education

Master's degree in Highway and Transportation Engineering - University of Jordan

Current country of residence



Jumana has a background in civil engineering with a master’s degree in highway and transportation engineering. Due to this solid background, she takes a systematic and logical approach when developing strategic plans and methodologies to tackle real-life challenges, allowing her to hone her problem-solving techniques.

Her diverse work experience with international NGOs has exposed her to various contexts with different stakeholders and beneficiaries at global, regional, and national levels. With a professional and empowering attitude, she has interacted with, trained, and facilitated many educators throughout well-developed programs, fostering dialogue and understanding among the world’s youth and educators.

She has shown excellent communication and interpersonal skills with co-workers and stakeholders. This includes very proficient verbal, written, and presentation skills in Arabic and English. She also demonstrates an excellent ability to work effectively on diverse teams to achieve specific goals and objectives within a rigid timeframe while maintaining high integrity and ethical values.

Jumana is currently the vice-president of the Lazord Alumni Committee in Jordan.