Jihene Raach

Jihene Raach

Fellowship year

2018 - 2019


Access to Knowledge

Placement when a fellow


Higher education

Bachelor's degree in Private Law - Central University

Current country of residence



Jihene studied private law at Central University in Tunisia. She always aims to acquire more experience in civil society through her academic career as well as her professional career. She has had multiple internships and trainings that have contributed to her capacity building; her participation in the program of emerging leaders of Arab regions with World Youth Alliance (WYA) was one opportunity that allowed her to improve various skills . She also values her work with the United Nations Democracy Fund, her volunteer work at the Tunisian Red Crescent, and her internship at the law firm Cabinet El Manar. She decided to join the Lazord Fellowship because one of her professional goals is to work for an NGO’s. Jihene is always looking for different opportunities to apply her enthusiasm and dynamism to noble causes.