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Ibrahem Hassan

Fellowship year

2014 - 2015


Corporate Engagement - Research

Placement when a fellow

UNAIDS Egypt office

Current employment &/or degree seeking

Candidate for Masters of Public Administration in Nonprofit Management at AUC

Higher education

Economics - Suez Canal University

Current country of residence



Ibrahem is currently seeking his Masters of Public Administration in Nonprofit Management at the American University in Cairo and completed his undergraduate studies in Economics at Suez Canal University.

Ibrahem is working towards understanding the development field in Egypt through his work in different agencies. He has gained practical experience thanks to the UN, CSR, and local NGOs, and research experience at AUC. He is developing his career in practical research. His scope of work started with youth engagement in Ismailia as an active member in various student activities before graduation. This was then directed to organizational establishments with the UN and local NGOs, and this has developed to the tackling of the gap in evaluation of practices in the development field in Egypt, concerning especially CSR activities.

“My personal aspiration is leaning towards the area between social mobilization research and practice, which I believe will create active, strong, and well-informed citizens.”