Hesham Farouk

Fellowship year

2023 - 2024


Education - Research - Youth

Placement when a fellow

Research and Knowledge Coordinator at Wataneya

Higher education

Bachelor of Science and Education, Chemistry Department, Helwan University

Current country of residence



Hesham Sayed is passionate about education. He wants to make a positive difference and impact in the development field.

He graduated from the faculty of education in the chemistry department and then he continued his postgraduate studies in psychology.

Later, he recognized his passion in the development sector, especially in education, so he started his journey with CARE Egypt as a facilitator volunteer in BPRM project. This period helped him to learn how to communicate with many different nationalities and learn more about different cultures.

After this, he joined CRS Egypt as a verification volunteer in the educational program. During this time, he gained knowledge of the refugees’ educational system in Egypt. He continued with the Save the Children as a youth and adolescent facilitator where he acquired a lot of understanding about youth and being part of their transformation to be community leaders.

Afterwards, he joined the Lazord fellowship and currently he has been placed at Wataneya for the development of orphanages as a research and knowledge coordinator. This is the start of his new journey as a researcher to make orphans’ life better. Also, he monitors and evaluates orphans’ data and does qualitative research to make sure that orphans have an equitable life.

He believes that everyone deserves equal opportunities in life. Life is a journey, and he is grateful that he is gaining a lot of experience every day from his colleagues and family, and everybody around him. He believes that in order to reach our goals, we should gain different experiences from different fields.