Hatem Mohyeldin

Fellowship year

2021 - 2022


Arts and Culture

Placement when a fellow

Program Assistant - The Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Initiative (DEDI)

Higher education

Bachelor's degree in Arabic literature

Current country of residence



With a mind full of questions and an overwhelming desire for knowledge, Hatem Mohyeldin seeks to shape his own culture and philosophy to serve the society’s goals in which he lives. While studying Arabic literature and literary criticism at Alexandria university, he sought to hone his analytical and philosophical skills; so he joined the Summer School of Philosophy as a student, then a lecturer, and then responsible for the content preparation team. Besides his participation in student activities as the coordinator’s vice of the Safwa team, the student entity representing the Library of Alexandria (BA) within universities.

Adding to his practical experiences as a research assistant, researcher, data researcher, and proofreader in several institutions and projects during the period before joining the Lazord Fellowship. Based on his belief in knowledge and cultural diversity as a tool for the development of society and the harmony of its members, he enhanced his experience during his internship in the Civic Participation Unit at DEDI, and learned the different aspects of project management, and how to enhance the skills of participation, sustainability, and acceptance within the framework of cultural exchange.

During the last quarter of 2021, Hatem coordinated a project of critical readings of Naguib Mahfouz’s works at the 6 Bab-Sharq Center in Alexandria, where the participants seek to analyse and interrogate the novels and discuss the text and its connection to reality, and then criticize it. This project turned to be the first step to “هوامش قارئ “which means “a reader commentaries” in the end of 2022, as he believe in the cultural discussion as a way to understand the society.