Hanen Chamam

Fellowship year

2023 - 2024



Placement when a fellow

Project assistant, IREX

Higher education

Bachelor's Degree in English and International Relations, Higher Institute of Human Sciences, University of Tunis El Manar.

Current country of residence



Hanen Chamam is a dynamic individual with a fervent passion for civic engagement and international relations. Her educational journey led to a License in English and International Relations from ISSHT.

Hanen’s commitment to making a positive impact led her to excel in the Junior Chamber International (JCI), where she demonstrated exceptional organizational and negotiation skills. Hanen’s abilities extend to public speaking, as she represented JCI in a regional competition, showcasing her eloquence and persuasive skills. She was recognized as Statutory Auditor of the Year in 2022 and served as General Secretary of the Year in 2023. In her professional career, Hanen interned at SBS PARTNERS, a prestigious legal consulting firm in Dubai, where she served as an Executive Assistant, utilizing her research, reporting, planning, and translation skills gained through her studies.

Currently, she has embarked on a Lazord Fellowship within the Tunisian chapter, taking on the role of project assistant for the Thomas Jefferson scholarship program in IREX organization. Hanen’s dedication and passion for international relations continue to drive her as she starts this exciting chapter in her journey of excellence.