Hamdi Guesmi

Hamdi Guesmi

Fellowship year

2018 - 2019


Ecological Tourism - Sports

Placement when a fellow


Higher education

Master's degree in Research in Regional Development Economics - ESSEC Tunis

Current country of residence



Hamdi Guesmi, a 24-year-old from Tunisia, received a master’s degree in research in regional development economics from ESSEC Tunis, and is currently a project assistant at the organization Le Lemon Tour. His professional interests focus on international cooperation, local and regional development, and leadership. In addition he is interested in environmental issues and the sustainable development of his country, so he is currently working on a project on ecological sustainability and ecological tourism in Tunisia by the use of alternative means of transportation such as bikes. He is confident that change and development stem from investing in youth and supporting their ability to build a better society. He believes that peace between all the countries of the world is the solution to progress and helps build a better world. Therefore, he will consolidate the principles of peace and good in the community.