Hadeer Ashraf

Fellowship year

2023 - 2024


Climate Change - Women's Empowerment - Youth

Placement when a fellow

Program Specialist at the Center for Development Services

Higher education

Bachelor's Degree in Business, Cairo University

Current country of residence



Hadeer Ashraf is a multidisciplinary, flexible development practitioner who enjoys immersing herself in learning and working agilely and efficiently. She studied Business at Cairo University but besides that, she decided to choose and start her career in the civil society sector. She wanted to follow her passion and work in civil society, which has been one of her dreams. Following her passion, allows her to explore herself deeply.

She has a keen interest in learning new and different things about herself and stepping out of her comfort zone. This includes exploring new places, meeting new people, trying different foods, and learning languages. She is constantly on a personal and professional learning journey.

Moreover, she is deeply connected to her country, her family, herself, nature, and her experiences. Her experiences help her grow, challenge her beliefs, and expand her knowledge and awareness. She is also excited about the upcoming experiences, challenges, and learning opportunities.

Development and non-formal education are areas that particularly interests her. Additionally, she has various hobbies, such as traveling, reading, and cycling.